Diablo 3: The grind is real


I don't know why I jumped back into playing Diablo 3 (don't get me wrong, I love the game, it's relaxing also), but I've just noticed that I have a fair slog ahead of me if I want to 100% both of the versions. Oh I remember, it was because of Season 13 that I started playing.

I'd never done a Season before so I wanted to try it out. I created a fresh Wizard and started the game from scratch. I thought that I'd forgotten everything about Wizard since I last played, but it all came back to me build wise and the grind to Tier IV wasn't actually that bad. I felt like I'd experienced more of the game (technically) playing the season and trying to get all of the challenges, so I decided to try and finish all of the achievements once and for all.

Somehow, I'll put it down to the non-stop Wizard grind of Season 13, I was able to pick up my Wizard from Hardcore and finish off two of the 3 Hardcore achievements over the weekend. I don't know why I was so scared of doing this before. Wizard is such a great job to be doing this sort of thing on. I still have to do these achievements on the Xbox One version, but for the moment, I might just grind 20 or so Bounties each day to finally get the level 70 (Hardcore) achievement on 360 before focusing on Hardcore on Xbox One.

For some unknown reason the 360 version of "Greed over Need" achievement's in-game challenge isn't showing up so I can't accurately track my progress on Treasure Goblins. After transferring my characters to Xbox One I had about 50 to go, so given that I think that I've done an extra 20, not far to go with that achievement.

One of the toughest achievements that I have in front of me is the levelling 6 jobs to 70 on the 360 version. I've done it on Xbox One (part of which was for Extra Life) and I know how long it takes to do it. What I might focus on is blasting through the base game, then just grind Bounties until each reaches 70 (two birds with one stone as I still need 500 bounties on 360).