Destiny: Race to beat the Service Split


It has been almost two years since I published my "First Impressions" article about Destiny and now is probably the best time for me to expand upon what I said back then. With news of an imminent service split in Destiny hitting me from out of nowhere (apparently it's been known for months), I was pushed back into the game in an attempt to finish off my characters before August 16.

Before I start, please excuse me a moment while I will just get this off my chest... Who in their right mind sits on a game like this for months at a time playing multiplayer all day every day? I'm of the opinion that violent video games are not the cause of mass shootings, but you have to wonder about what type of person that gets enjoyment out of shooting others every single day. And what's up with the AOL style Gamertags in these games? It's either XIX(NameHere)XIX or (NameHere)23423. Come on people... please get a decent creative Gamertag, Microsoft just released a lot of old ones.

Grinding is not something people generally like, but I'm actually fine with it if it's not the uneven curve of death that was reaching level 75 in Final Fantasy XI before 2005. My one gripe about the grind in Destiny is that there are not enough options to allow you to gain experience in bulk sessions. As soon as you run out of your daily bounties, you're depending on any missions that you might not have done, and then anything from multiplayer. Sometimes you just don't have time wait for multiplayer match-ups.

Story and area usage. As stated before I wasn't a fan of them re-using the areas but it grew on me after a while. The stories seemed linked enough to justify returning to the same area from time to time, and through use of a previously sealed passage (which I have to commend them as other games have doors set into walls that are obviously to open later, but Bungie had doors that I had thought were just a part of the wall actually function later on) you would find yourself in a totally unexplored area. I wasn't invested in the story in a whole though, it seemed distant to me. Maybe I was just skipping far too much to actually make me appreciate it.

The shared weaponry sort of spoiled the game for me when playing the two remaining characters that needed to be finished off. I passed on the best weaponry that I had on me at the time from character to character as the gained access to them. This pretty much put the game in baby mode for me. Bosses that I previously had problems defeating were now a piece of cake. Sure this did make it somewhat fun to come back and safely blast them into oblivion, but the satisfaction of a hard fight wasn't there like the first time.

I did manage to do some new content like The Taken King and a few other ones that I have no clue where they fit in the storyline (some boss that was in pure darkness, which was actually a fun fight). The content felt rehashed, insert bad guy that is annoyed at you beating up their friend, "go defeat him because I said so" quest giving is so... bland.

The big question now is, will I get the new expansion? Probably not. Overall I found the game more of a chore than anything else. You have to be on-top of your gear and your light level progression (until you max it out), and then what? Sit around until there's more content? This is just something that I can't see myself wanting to come back and play. It all seems to predictable. I like to have random factors to my games, I like to be surprised.


A few weeks ago I found out that Destiny was segmenting platforms. To most this doesn't mean much at all, but for some of us that farm achievements it meant that we were about to lose access to some easy Gamerscore. See Destiny is one of the rare games out there where they will sync achievements earned cross-platform and that was about to end. As of today, character progression in Destiny will not be shared across platforms.

Destiny Update

Instantly I knew that I had some work to do. There was a few achievements that I could still get before the split. I pretty much abandoned the "Raid" achievements because well the type of people that play this game, really wouldn't want me in a raid with them. I'm too... loose cannon for that type of stuff. There was also the Taken King storyline that I hadn't completed so I decided to go after a few achievements in that DLC.

I quickly made a list and went after what I could in what little time that I had. The main problem that I could see was that I had to level two classes to 40 as well as max out their skills. This apparently can be done in a few days of solid play, but that's something that I don't have access to these days.

Hunter Mastery - Fully upgrade a Hunter Subclass.
Titan Mastery - Fully upgrade a Titan Subclass.
Vanguard Honor - Attain Vanguard Rank 3.
Suited for War - Have all armor and weapon slots equipped with Legendary or Exotic gear.
Relic Hunter - Assist in capturing 20 capture points in Salvage.
Excessive Force - Register 25 kills in PvP with heavy weapons.
The Taken King - Complete "The Taken King" quest.
Stormcaller - Complete "The Stormcaller's Path" quest.
Nightstalker - Complete "The Nightstalker's Trail" quest.
Sunbreaker - Complete "The Sunbreakers' Challenge" quest.

As you can see, I got a majority of them with only one class remaining to finish off (and only 25% through the grind). I would like to get the Raid based achievements at some point, but at the moment, I'm happy to leave this game unfinished. I just haven't had enough enjoyment from it to want to invest more significant amounts of time just to get those achievements.