Dead Rising 4 is down to $30


Dead Rising 4 was only released on December 6th for the Windows PC and Xbox One but the game is already being included in the latest bout of sales. The latest addition to the Dead Rising family is now on sale at $30 from various retailers including Amazon, GameStop and Best Buy. Anyone woth a Gamers Club Unlocked membership from Best Buy can purchase the game with an additional 20% discount to bring the price down to $24.

Not only is the physical edition of the game on sale, the digital version is also from various retailers all offering different prices; the standard new price appears to be $30 however.

The game has so far collected a mixed response from gamers and critics for the lack of campaign co-op and the relatively unchanged gameplay mechanics. While the game is being criticized for some aspects, it's being praised for its open world, creative weapons and amusing character commentary. For gamers who were uncertain about this game, this is a great time to purchase it.