Crackdown 3 gets a 2017 release and will run in 4K resolution for Xbox Scorpio


New details about the long-awaited sequel to Crackdown 2 are slowly being released by Microsoft; the company has now confirmed that the game is scheduled for a holiday 2017 release date which put it down to be released around the same time as the Xbox Scorpio next year.

It has also been confirmed that the game will support 4K resolution; all new Microsoft games for Project Scorpio will run at a native 4K resolution and it's assumed that Crackdown 3 will also run at a native 4K resolution.

The game was originally due for a 2016 release but it was confirmed earlier this year by Microsoft that the game has been delayed to 2017; the team has now stated that it's on track for holiday 2017 release however, they're hoping to release the game sooner. Crackdown 3 could be released as a Xbox Scorpio launch game during Holiday 2017 if it's not released earlier in the year.