Close, but no cigar


Over the weekend I decided to try and finish Bioshock, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and Skyrim. I came close... real close. Out of 21 achievements needed I was able to obtain 16. A lot of these achievements required an annoying about of leg work, with a few being almost out of reach (Skyrim's Legendary Dragon one will require me to level a little bit more before I will start seeing Legendary dragons).


I really didn't want to revisit Rapture again as that game gives me slight motion sickness (although not as bad as Half-Life 2) due to the way that I run everywhere frantically looking all over the place. The last two achievements I needed were fiddly ones.

This one had me farming materials off splicers in Arcadia (Farmer's Market: Silverwing Apiary). The problem here was self-inflicted, after a while farming I decided to get greedy and use the "Examine More" option. Unfortunately this meant that the hive closest to the smoke switch became "used" and I had to go further into the room to pop the splicers. After 40 or so inventions the achievement popped to my relief.

I went to sleep late that night on edge. I had almost ruined this achievement by killing off all of the cameras in the game. I had to hunt through each area of the game looking for a camera that I hadn't destroyed or hacked just to get one last photo. Thankfully I found one after about an hour searching.


Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

I hadn't played BTPS in a while so I decided to take advantage of the new DLC and grab an extra 125GS while I attempted the missing achievements.

This was the primary goal. Once obtaining Level 50, it would make getting the other achievements easier. There's nothing like grinding experience online to make you remember how boring XP grinds are. Well at least that was over fairly quickly thanks to jumping into a few highly ranked games.



These were pretty straight forward to get. Being 50 and taking on the expansion pretty much guarantees a win, a long win, but not as long as Moxxi's underdome (I still have nightmares). Oh and for some strange reason I stepped into the light as advised not to. I don't know why, I blame H010-TP for advising me not to, but you never listen to them anyway.

The CL4P-TP achievement was easy enough to get (with a turbo button). The only ones you can't get through this method are Med Bot and Nonsensical Sacrifice. You need team members who are either in Fight for Life or injured significantly to apply the additional conditions which dictate the possible outcomes of CL4P-TP's vaulthunder.exe ability. So while in Concordia (almost called it Sanctuary) I logged in another character and had them blow themselves up with a perfectly timed grenade right before the turbo button started a new ability.

This video shows how to do this in Serenity's Waste. If you don't get it the first time, keep trying. I found that if you try and round up as many of the Kraggon as possible without breaking the bigger ones apart, you'll have a better chance... just keep firing.



These ones I was unable to do for a few reasons. I'm missing about 10 Challenges for Challenger, shotgun and rocket launchers are annoying. Collateral Damage is very situational and was frustrating me, I think I'll have to set aside a few hours to do this one, and Who you gonna call will require me finding someone to help go through those missions while we have an extra member logged in on a spare controller each.



Yeah Skyrim and I have had a long and happy relationship. I can remember getting 100% on the original content and being over the moon.. and then the DLC's came. Oh boy was I unimpressed that my 100% vanished. This one has been annoying me for a while as I needed to have it back at 100% again.




To start off I had to finish the Dragonborn DLC. I had already finished a fair chunk (and actually enjoyed it's Cthulhu atmosphere), but you know you just have to push on and finish stuff some times. Along the way I was able to pick up a few other achievements from side missions.

I had pretty much thought that this one was gone for good as the smith that gave you the ability to craft these items could not be found in the village. It wasn't until just before heading to bed that I looked at my quest log and saw mention that the smith had gone missing. I quickly opened the side-quest and dashed around the map rescuing him and finishing off other requests.



I had actually called it a night, but due to being unable to sleep I decided to push forward in an effort to make myself so tired that I would instantly fall to sleep (FYI, total success). The longest part of these three achievements were the Black Books which required me to run through two dungeons to the end, and then to navigate Apocrypha (which when you're tired is not the best place to be). Luckily with the Vampire perks, I only had to grab 4 more before I was finished. After that I quickly went back to get changed into a werewolf to prepare for the next achievement.


These ones I'll do eventually. The Werewolf perks one should be finished tonight, but the Legendary dragon one as mentioned before may take some time as I need to reach at least Level 78 before they start to appear. I need to find some quick and easy ways to level. I might just reset crafting or something silly like that.