Clean-Up Week 1


I think that I might have bit off more than I could chew with the Achievement Clean-Up. A week down, three and a bit to go and I've grabbed 21 of the 100 achievements listed (with a further 22 popping along the way). I have to say that I was really surprised with Fable III. Why did this game cop so much flack? Did it suffer from No Man Sky syndrome? I'm still unsure why I stopped playing it all those years as I was right in the middle of a nice story arc. When I've got some time, I think that I might revisit all three and play them in order.

One game I may never go back to (unless I do something stupid like set an Extra Life challenge to it) is Devil May Cry 4. I remember loving the first on PS2, but then I just never played any of the others. For some reason I thought that it would be a great idea to just jump back into the storyline at 4. I was probably as confused back then as I was the other day. What is going on, who is Nero, who is this big chin scientist who looks like a N64 Rare character? Yeah going to be a very slow day before I take this one back up.

Lastly, the Portal series. If you haven't played these games, you need to. They are a wonderful blend of puzzles and humour. I grabbed another copy so my partner and I could start playing Co-Op for some of the achievements, and I'm actually glad that I did. I thought that it was fun single player, the puzzles are great in Co-Op. Heart you GLaDOS.

I also attempted some others few on my list and I can now see where I will run out of time. CSI: Deadly Intent and Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock will require replaying since I accidentally deleted my save files at some point. The Mass Effect games, Need for Speed and Ninety-Nine Nights will make for some long grinds also. I think I might leave them to last and see how they go.

Game - Required (GS) / Extra (GS)

Army of TWO (EU) - 1 (20)
Devil May Cry 4 - 1 (10) / +2 (20) 
F1 2013 - 1 (10)
Fable Anniversary - 1 (10)
Fable II - 1 (5)
Fable III - 5 (165) / +5 (85)
Happy Wars (Xbox 360) - 2 (30) / +6 (100)
Portal: Still Alive - 1 (5)
Portal 2 - 7 (90) / +8 (210)
The Orange Box - 1 (5) / +1 (5)