Buy an Xbox One and get a bonus item free


Microsoft has announced a new amazing sale for the Xbox One S which lasts until New Years Eve on December 31st; gamers looking to upgrade to the latest Xbox One console should definitely take a look at these offers. While some good deals were revealed for Boxing day, the official post from Microsoft has detailed a list of special purchase conditions for a range of retailers.

Depending on where gamers purchase their new console, they'll be able to pick up an extra gift for no additional cost.

Best Buy, Amazon and Walmart Xbox Wireless controller

GameStop – Xbox Stero Headset

Target and Microsoft – Add a free copy of Battlefield 1, Dead Rising 4. Skyrim Special Edition or Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Most of these deals seem to be online exclusive and a large number of stores are also offering a $50 gift card with new Xbox One consoles; this additional offer is available with the above offer.