Breaking the streak

Breaking Chains

In a week's time I will be taking a forced break from achievement hunting. Even though it'll be for a bit over 24 hours, it will cause my almost two year TrueAchievements streak to come to an end. Surprisingly, this is something that I'm not upset about.

The main reason I attempted a large achievement streak was to prove to myself that I had the willpower to stick to something. I officially started it on November 13, 2014 and will be finishing it October 8, 2016 for a grand total of 666 days. I was originally going to call it quits earlier this year after one year had ellapsed, but I had conditioned myself into the routine where an achievement a day just came naturally.

In breaking the streak, I won't have to reserve time per day to get an achievement. I can now save them up for weeken binges, which I will try to stream or make YouTube content. There are still a few outstanding goals on TrueAchievements that I wish to obtain by end of year, so I don't think that my overall playtime will drop that much.

Another thing that benefits from this is my "No new games started for a year" goal. I wasn't anywhere near exhausting easy achievements from previously started games, but without needing to keep the streak going, I can now try some of those long grind achievements.