Bastion owners on Xbox 360 will be getting free Xbox One copies


Developer Supergiant Games initially released indie game Bastion in 2011 and the game quickly became one of the best rates games for the Xbox 360; it's now been officially confirmed that the action-RPG will be ported to the Xbox One.

An updated version will finally be released for the current generation console this year and gamers who don't yet own the game will be able to purchase a copy from December 12th for $15. Anyone who owns an Xbox 360 version of the game can download the new version for free until January 1st. It provides Xbox gamers almost 3 full weeks to download the updated version of the game.

The updated version comes bundled with the DLC and features new achievements for players to strive for; the biggest change to the game is the move to to 1080p resolution with crisper graphics. This is one of the best Xbox games currently available and the upgraded version can only be improve the already great game. It's definitely worth checking out and anyone who owns the original Xbox 360 version should definitely get the upgraded version in December.