Backwards compatible games are getting new boxes


Xbox One backward compatibility began in 2015 and while not every game is backward compatible just yet, Microsoft is still working to improve this system for Xbox gamers and bring more fan-favourite Xbox 360 games to the Xbox One.

Some of the backward compatible Xbox 360 games are getting new boxes to make it much more obvious that they will also work with the Xbox One. These dual-packages include both Xbox One and Xbox 360 on the box and states “Plays on Xbox One & Xbox 360” clearly on the front. The new boxes use the classic Xbox One shape which give them more of a 'uni-console' appearance.

Not all backward compatible games have gotten this treatment but it's a clear move in the right direction; other Xbox 360 games are being given “Plays on Xbox One” stickers on the box to make their backward compatibility status more obvious.

Photo Credit: Xyrmellon