Backlog Fortnight Targets - FN3C

The Pre-Sequel

Like last fortnight, here is the round-up of FN2B. Borderlands, Borderlands, Borderlands! I think it's safe to say that I won't be touching this series for a while (well if I keep with the backlog targets, I shouldn't be touching them until next year... but then again, if I run dry during a fortnight I could come back to attempt to finish them off... NO! I will not do this). Ok so things went well over the past fortnight, but not without the task sending me a little crazy. There's something about replaying games where you can recite dialogue word for word that should bring up big red warning signs.

Having played these games a lot in the past it actually wasn't hard to rush through them again since I was aware of the game mechanics and how to exploit different pathing issues to beat harder bosses. I actually finished Borderlands 2 with Krieg at level 36 from memory. Borderlands (JP) was actually something that I thought that I could finish but Moxxi's Riot DLC is the worst DLC ever. It involves 10 hours of mind numbing killing. When I finished it with the local release a few years back, I swore never to do that ever again, and I don't think I will. Both Borderlands 2 and The Pre-Sequel were mostly clean up jobs as well as replaying missions on another character since when you import a 360 character it unlocks a majority of the achievements except for storyline based ones. An interesting fact I found while finishing a storyline on my level 51 Gladiator, was that when you level up from 51 to 52, it will unlock any Level based achievements that you haven't obtained up to the current level. This allowed me to one-shot a few achievements at once.

Borderlands (JP Ver)			Xbox 360	1,375 / 1,500 (+250)	65 / 70 (+11)	Storyline Complete
Borderlands 2				Xbox One 	1,360 / 1,625 (+570)	41 / 69 (+21)	Storyline Complete
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel		Xbox One	  990 / 1,370 (+670)	46 / 63 (+32)

Now onto the current targets. C does not have a great game selection for me. I'm currently looking at a couple of CSI games, Catherine (which I will need to plan out my attack as to save some of the characters you need to say the right things on certain days), and a whole stack of Call of Duty titles. I honestly feel sick when I think about having to play Call of Duty games. So here's the list.

Call of Duty 4				Xbox 360	  450 / 1000		22 / 37		Storyline Complete
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare		Xbox One 	  240 / 2000		16 / 90
Call of Duty: Black Ops			Xbox 360	  460 / 1700		26 / 71		Storyline Complete
Call of Duty: Black Ops II		Xbox 360	  140 / 2000		 9 / 90
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2		Xbox 360	  495 / 1000		33 / 50		Storyline Complete
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3		Xbox 360	  235 / 1610		20 / 76		Storyline Complete
Catherine				Xbox 360	   35 / 1000		 5 / 50
CSI: Deadly Intent			Xbox 360	  305 / 1000		13 / 28
CSI: Fatal Conspiracy			Xbox 360	   10 / 1000		 1 / 25