Backlog Fortnight Targets - FN2B

Borderlands 2 Trailer

A quick round-up of FN1A. I was able to finish Alan Wake and most of the easy situational achievements. After that I decided to attempt the Nightmare walk through and collect some of the missing collectables along the way. I'm only missing one TV show, and a handful of manuscripts, signs and chests so I didn't think it'd be that hard. I was really wrong. Much swearing at the screen was done, mostly due to running out of bullets and having to pass through walls of Taken. I can't wait to play the DLC at some point in the future / next year.

Aliens: Colonial Marines was the only other game I attempted to clean up this past fortnight. Again there was a lot of situational achievements that needed to be collected as well as some Multiplayer achievements / level grinding that is almost impossible to do solo if you don't have a second console set up and boost yourself.

Back in September 2003 before joining True Achievements, I decided to farm horror achievements. I had a fairly jaded view of this game, and I'm happy to say that it has changed. I'm blaming over-hype for it's failure. Sure it isn't polished, but the atmosphere and general feel for the world is there, and Multiplayer would have been fun with full sessions.

Alan Wake				Xbox 360	  680 / 1,000 (+340)	41 / 50 (+18)	Storyline Complete
Aliens: Colonial Marines		Xbox 360	  710 / 1,000 (+375)	41 / 50	(+19)	Storyline Complete

So on to the targets for this fortnight. This seems to be a recurring theme with me, but what can I say? I'm a very big fan of the Borderlands series, so it was no real surprise that upon hitting the letter B, I was going to attempt to finish Borderlands (JP) as well as Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel from The Handsome Collection. There are going to be a few annoying achievements that I can think of; "Goliath, Meet David", "Tribute To A Vault Hunter" in Borderlands 2, and "Who You Gonna Call?", "That Helped, Right?" in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

Borderlands (JP Ver)			Xbox 360	1,125 / 1,375		54 / 65		Storyline Complete
Borderlands 2				Xbox One 	  790 / 1,625		41 / 69
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel		Xbox One	  320 / 1,370		14 / 63

There was also a new goal decided during the first fortnight. True Achievements Period Statistics have a "Games Started" statistic. I want to see that at zero by the end of the year. That means that I can only play games that I've already started and have at least one achievement for. This will be a hard year considering that there's some good AAA (yeah oxymoron right there) titles coming out.