After a week of R&R, it's time to do this! | Bean Dive 2018 - Week 2

I wasn't 100% after the sinus infection that tore me a new one over the past few weeks, so I decided to take Wednesday (shortly after posting the past post) until Sunday night off, just to relax and hope that some time away from the screen would help, it didn't. At least the fevers and headaches have subsided enough to allow me to function... a little...

I decided to jump into the deep end when it came to Japanese Visual Novels this week. There are others that I could have completed faster, but I just started at the top. All was going well until I started the 2nd or 3rd play through when the skip speed took a dramatic dive. I want to guess that it was running at 60-70% of what it could been. The story of 11eyes CrossOver seems interesting enough, but at this point, I'm sick of seeing a red world so I kind of want it to be over as soon as possible. Apparently I have one more hour long (or 2 hours at the current skip speed) left, so here's hoping the final achievements can be mopped up fast.

The other game that I started this week, I really shouldn't have. I hate the Mortal Kombat series (sorry if I offend anyone), but as someone who has been playing fighters for a fair chunk of time, Mortal Kombat X is by far one of the worst out there. That being said, I'm getting to the point where I'm going to have to boost myself as I really don't want to deal with online players in this game, and to think that there's another MK game on my Bean Dive. I should just bite the bullet one day and go through all my MK games and finish them so that they are out of the way.

I'm still not 100%, but hopefully I can smash out a game or two each week from here on out with a few slow burns along the way. I'm surprised to have already completed 7% of the total percentage needed to complete my Bean Dive, probably should have added more games.

This weeks progress