Achievement Target: Everyone's Dead


January's target went well, with a fair chunk of achievements obtained (I'll write a breakdown of the results in a few days). I had thought that I would go better than this, but I'm happy I was able to complete 2 of the 6 games played. One thing that I found was that if you target one series of games, the challenge gets boring real fast (especially if you're flag or feather farming). So, learning from my mistake, I've decided to make February's target theme based: Games with "Dead" in the Title

Dead Island                        0 / 58 (  0 / 1,250)
Dead Island Riptide                0 / 35 (  0 / 1,000)
Dead or Alive 4                    0 / 45 (  0 / 1,000)
Dead Rising                        4 / 50 ( 80 / 1,000)
Dead Space                         4 / 48 ( 55 / 1,000)
Dead Space 2                       0 / 50 (  0 / 1,000)
Dead Space 3                       0 / 50 (  0 / 1,000)
Red Dead Redemption               35 / 60 (790 / 1,200)

If I really struggle I could try and hunt down a few of the following: CSI: Deadly Intent, Deadpool, Dead Island 2, Dead Rising 2, or Escape Dead Island

While organising my games alphabetically a month or so back I noticed that I had far too many games starting with "Dead", and most were unplayed, so this had to change. I was originally going to just make it zombie themed, but that ran the risk of repeating January's mistake.

Instead playing games with Dead in the title will give me a nice mix of zombies, space horror, spaghetti western and Tomonobu Itagaki's boob obsession series Dead or Alive (totally playing it for the chievies as Roshambo fighting mechanics are stupid).

Speaking of the dead, The Walking Dead returns to TV on February 8th (and if I get so desperate for "Dead" games, I'll try The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct), so this is perfect timing for a Dead themed target.