5 things I've learnt while fighting the undead

It's been a while since I set foot on Banoi. I remember the first time that I ventured out of the hotel, well, chased out of the hotel. That was a while ago, this is today and a lot has changed since then. I've learnt quite a bit about squaring off with the living impaired, but these are 5 tips that I think all Banoi survivors should remember.

  1. Walker can't swin - Forget what we might have seen in Shock Waves, they just can't swim. While herding a few to their demise, all four of them slipped and fell into the pool out the front of the hotel. It's not even two foot deep. Instant drowning, which I don't get, but I'm not going to question it.
  2. Aim your molotov well - Throwing a molotov at 10 walkers while standing on a truck with two gas tanks will only end in a lot of death, and burning corpses, and a two for one achievement. I knew it would work in my favour, but not like that.
  3. Ram equates to run - I don't care if they have a weak point, if you see one, run. If it's between you and where you need to get to, I don't care how important it is, turn and run. Those things are monsters. I want to know how hulking evil got straight jacketed in the first place.
  4. Explore everywhere - I spent far too long running around Moresby looking for one area that I had missed somehow during my roaming. Ended up revisiting the resort and finding the area down at the second fuel station (which is somewhere that I had been previously, but it didn't register). Twelve hours of running around the island trying to find one place.
  5. This is my rifle - There are many like it, but this one is mine. Pick your weapons wisely and stick to them. Maintain them always and keep a few good backups spare and easily accessible. When it all hits the roof, it good to have a trusty sidearm next to your axe, just incase an axe doesn't cut it... *badum tsss*

A few days ago I turned on Dead Island for the first time in a while since I'm currently hunting Dungeon Crawler points at True Achievements. The game isn't great, but it's really not a bad game. Any game that still scares the crap out of me while playing denotes that it is doing it's job. These are the achievements I've managed to clean up over the past few days. Some were frustrating (There and Back Again) others came by pure accident (Extreme Firefighting).

With the majority of them done I'm only left with grindy ones, so I think that I'll just spend an hour or so a day establishing some advancement and grab an easy achievement in another game.