Trove is in Open Beta for Xbox One


Trove was released on PC last year and the free-to-play MMO game has retained a decent sized audience on Steam since its release; the game has had a variety of content updates to add fresh content to the world of Trove.

The voxel MMO is often considered a MMO version of Minecraft due to how similar they look but the games are quite different; Trove features different classes, dungeons, loot and a variety of bosses that can be found throughout the world. It certainly fills the role of MMO and offers an interesting gameplay experience for players.

Open Beta has officially unlocked for all console players now and Xbox One gamers with an Xbox Live subscriptions can officially begin exploring the block-based world of Trove. As to be expected, there should be a few bugs in this test and the developer has set up a special forum for players to report their issues to the team.

Anyone can download Trove from the Xbox Store now and begin exploring what the voxel MMO has to offer.