Project Scorpio will feature Xbox 360 Backwards Compatibility

Project Scorpio

The lead engineer of Xbox Scorpio has officially confirmed that the upcoming console will be compatible with Xbox 360 games; the new console will be supporting the backwards compatibility program.

Xbox One players are able to play more than 250 Xbox 360 games through the current backwards compatibility system; the latest game to be added to the backwards compatibility catalog is Blue Dragon however, this only works with a disc version of the game.

It's unknown if Blue Dragon will need a disc for the upcoming Project Scorpio game also but anyone looking to upgrade next year should remember that most games should just need a digitally downloaded copy.

Project Scorpio now has over 250 games confirmed for it before launch and it will also be compatible with a range of Xbox One games; many may also be given upgraded releases to make the most of the native 4K resolution the console will offer.

Xbox Scorpio is currently due for a 2017 holiday release and Microsoft should be planning to unveil the console soon.